Borderline Case - Edmund Pickett

**** Action and fun

I started reading this book without knowing exactly what it was, but the first lines already caught me. The beginning is almost traumatic. Everything happens in one long sentence and at that point you have to go on to find out what happens next.
The story is about an American who is forced to work for a Mexican gang who traffics drugs across the border with the United States. You see the character's ascent from common man, who must count on his expertise to make himself indispensable to his new "boss", thus avoiding his own death and that of her daughter, to expert trafficker and unscrupulous criminal.
The rhythm is that an action story, but the suspense is typical of a thriller. While accompanying the character to his descent into hell, one wonders how he will ever get out of that situation, and from time to time our theories are proved wrong by the latest turn of events.
The very title of "Borderline Case" has the double meaning of referring to a geographical border and to a borderline patient, emphasizing the dual reading of the story.
Although narrated in third person, in fact, the novel follows almost exclusively the main character, Eric, except for some scenes, so you end up deeply understanding and sympathizing for him. The other characters are almost all portrayed in a rather superficial way, perhaps deliberately not to distract too much the reader from the main problem (the survival of Eric) and make sure they won't mind if they got killed. Which happens often.
If it were a movie in theaters, I would say that the ticket costed very little, if the price is divided by the number of deaths. And this aspect, if we talk about drug trafficking and especially action, is undoubtedly positive.
Really an excellent reading.