Win a collection of products by Modere (you may even take them to Mars!)

Today I’m hosting a contest by Modere, a company offering products for personal care, household, and health and wellness. They are safe, affordable, accessible, and free from potentially harmful ingredients.

These products are the result of 26 years of research, manufacturing and advancements and are all that you need for your body, hair, and house wherever you live... even if it’s another planet!

In fact, Anna Persson, the protagonist of  Red Desert, took some of them with her on Mars to stay beautiful and fit and that’s the reason why her hair and skin look so great in a desert planet.

Now you have the chance to win a collection of products by Modere by participating to this Rafflecopter giveaway.

How does it work?
Have a look at the widget below and perform the suggested social media actions to increase your chance to win.

Here are the prizes:
1st Place will receive The Hair Care Collection (Shampoo, Condition, Antioxidant Serum & Repairing Mask) - $64.99 Value
    The Hair Care Collection by Modere is our salon quality lineup of products that gently cleanse, condition, protect and repair without any harsh chemicals.

2nd Place will receive The Clean Collection (Laundry Pods, Dishwasher Pods & Multi-Purpose Cleaning Wipes)
    Get your clothes and your dishes clean with a safe, gentle alternative to your average detergents. Laundry and Dishwasher Pods by Modere are created from naturally-derived ingredients to clean, fight stains, and give off a pleasant scent. Multi-Purpose Cleaning Wipes by Modere offer quick clean-ups that work on tough stubborn stains. They are made with a strong, sturdy substrate that can be used again and again.

3rd Place will receive Body Lotion
    Body Lotion by Modere comes from the best ingredients around. Infused with almond oil, your skin will feel baby-smooth. It gives you soft skin all, without feeling too heavy.

Good luck!

And remember that “Red Desert - Point of No Return” will be out in two weeks (30 June)! Pre-order it now at only $0.99 or save the date, and get ready to explore Mars with Anna Persson.