Blood Island - H. Terrell Griffin

*** So many ideas, development lacks credibility

When I started reading this book I felt immediately drawn to the story. In fact it begins with the discovery of a corpse on a beach. What better start to a novel of this genre?
Unfortunately, the initial impression often deceives.
The plot has as its protagonist a retired lawyer, Matt Royal, who apparently returns to other books in the series (this is the third one), who is involved in a strange case that has to do with the daughter of his ex-wife.
The first thing I noticed was the hasty pace of the author in presenting the scenes, where he makes frequent use of dialogues, even telephone dialogues, during which it's not clear what the characters are doing. Such use becomes, as you proceed with the story, almost excessive. Most discoveries come from the many phone calls made by the protagonist to the other characters, including a woman (I cannot remember her name) who is able to retrieve any information with her computer (like Garcia in Criminal Minds).
This way of structuring the story greatly limits the ability to imagine events and more than once I admit I was tempted to abandon the book.
Unfortunately, however, it isn’t the only problem. It’s the plot to be highly unlikely. The author has put together a religious sect, prostitution, and terrorism. And the three elements are correlated with unconvincing explanations, aside from the usual madness of the typical villain.
To all this you add the action scenes in which the protagonist gets too easily all the support he needs from various law enforcements, just like he is in charge, and he is free to kill other characters without this having any consequence, as if it were normal.
I love action stories, like the movies with Vin Diesel or Bruce Willis or even dear old Jean-Claude Van Damme, but this book hasn’t really convinced me.

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