Interview on the Land of Books about “The Mentor”

Some days ago I was interviewed by Ognian Georgiev, a Bulgarian author, journalist, and TV commentator, on his blog Land of Books.
It was a very nice chat during which I was asked some interesting questions about “The Mentor”, my latest novel in English, but also about my Mars science fiction series “Red Desert”.

I took this chance to explain my intent while writingThe Mentor”, how I came with the idea of this book, what was the biggest challenge while writing it, my view on the main characters, especially Detective Eric Shaw, and more about the process of writing and publishing this book.
I was also asked to speak about “Red Desert”, my opinions on “The Martian” (both about Andy Weir’s book and Ridley Scott’s movie), myself as a writer and a person in general, and my writing projects for the next future (including “Syndrome”, the sequel to “The Mentor”).

Finally Ognian asked me to ask a question to myself! That was fun!

If you’re curious about the latter (and my other answers, too), check out the interview at this link.
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Thank you so much, Ognian!

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The ebook is also available on Kindle Unlimited.

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