The Black Ice - Michael Connelly

***** The corrupt cop

Another nice complex story for the second book in the Bosch series.
Although you find the same messed-up character of the first one, it is not a separated episode, because only after the reading of the first book you can completely understand this one.
Bosch is back from the vacation taken after the first case and now the Christmas season is approaching, which causes him further depression. The whole story takes place in a few exciting days. There is also a brief mention, without the name, to a character of the previous book, which, apparently, will return in one of the next ones.
This time the topic is drug trafficking across the border with Mexico and its links with the police. The atmosphere reminded me of the film “Sicario”. Connelly puts all the elements before your eyes, but you are distracted by so many and such details (beautiful descriptions and reflections on Los Angeles, as well as those on the two border cities: you have the impression to be there) that you realise what’s obvious only at the end, when he slams it on your face.
Of course there’s the usual romantic break, although as usual it implies a certain melancholy and despair.
I liked the resolution of the story in which the protagonist chooses not to follow the rules and the open ending on Bosch’s life.

I can’t wait to read the next one.

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