Dark Places - Gillian Flynn

**** Too many unfortunate coincidences

This novel is characterised by an intricate plot, which the author has been able to handle with care and attention. The many threads are then joined in the end.
The transition between the two timelines is always intelligently done, keeping the reader glued to the book. That’s why I was looking forward to reading it before sleeping.
Perhaps the pace with which the story develops is a little slow and it made me a bit too eager to go further to know what would happen. I could not tie up with the character of the narrator (Libby), but I really liked that of her brother, even though it had moments of unjustified inconsistency.
In my opinion, the main problem of this novel is the presence of excessive coincidences, bad luck and mischief. Too many, all concentrated in a single day.

Moreover the ending is under tone. Once clarified what has happened, the author stops showing and begins to tell, as if she was looking forward to close the book. This left me with a sour taste in my mouth.

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