Tiramisu Recipes from Italian Friends and Family - Martina Munzittu

***** Tiramisu like you’ve never seen (and tasted) it before

I confess that I bought this book because I love tiramisu and I hope to push someone to prepare one of these delicacies!
In the meantime I started to read the book and study the recipes.
First of all, I find the idea to devote an entire book to this famous dessert very original. The author was inspired by the variations of the basic recipe of tiramisu that she has got the chance to taste during the dinners with friends. She then asked friends and relatives to send the recipe with pictures. It is therefore a book that collects the experience of different people, for the most part Italian, but not all.
I have to say that the recipes are written in a very clear way and are extremely easy to follow even for someone like me who is not very experienced in the kitchen, because the procedures are described step by step. Anyone could try them.
The pictures are very beautiful and very usable even by those who have downloaded the book onto an e-reader (and not a tablet). Despite the black and white, you appreciate fine details, the file is not heavy and the page transition is smooth.
It is truly amazing the variety of ways in which you can prepare the tiramisu. Honestly I had no idea that there could be so many. There are recipes for all tastes and for all eating habits (vegan, people on a diet, gluten-free) and allows you to make a dessert for all occasions and all types of guests.
I’ve particularly liked the part dedicated to the authors of the recipes. You have the chance to know them a little, find out where they live and what they do in life. The author has also asked each of them what their favourite dessert is.
This, however, is not just a book of recipes.
In the first part, the author describes the tiramisu, its ingredients, and even provides a list of frequently asked questions with answers for those not familiar with this cake.
After the recipes there are other two sections.
That of the “Tiramisu Disasters” is very useful to understand what mistakes you can make during the preparation, so that you can avoid them.
And then there is the fun section of the “Tiramisu Party”, which offers original ideas to organize a party based on tiramisu, from the invitations to the games (the Tiramisu Quiz is very amusing).
In short it is a good book, it’s useful for those who want to engage in the preparation of this delicious dessert, but it can also be a great gift idea.

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