The Abyss Beyond Dreams - Peter F. Hamilton

***** The Void Returns

Seven years after reading the Void Trilogy, I returned to the Commonwealth universe created by Hamilton with this first book in the Chronicle of the Fallers duology and met Nigel Sheldon in a new story set in the Void. Chronologically the story outside this anomaly located in our galaxy overlaps in part with that of the trilogy but has minimal contact with the latter. In the Void, however, we know new characters in a new planet where a spaceship was conducted about two hundred years before (but three thousand passed in it): Bienvenido. In addition, we have a way of discovering something more about the purpose of the existence of the Void.
The novel, divided into several books, is long and complex, but all the threads are quickly assembled accurately by the author and with great fun of the reader. Along with the class struggles of a civilisation that for three thousand years sees its evolution blocked by the aversion of the Void against the most advanced technologies, there is the struggle against a new alien species that, using a deception that certainly isn’t a novelty in science fiction (“Invasion of Body Snatchers” immediately came to mind), is a subtle and constant threat to the inhabitants of Bienvenido. At the same time, however, it will prove to be a resource.

After reading the novel - no doubt the most beautiful one I read by this author so far - the desire to get the sequel immediately is very strong. And I guess, as far as I am concerned, I’ll go along with it soon.

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