Vital Sign - J.L. Mac

*** Predictable, slow signs

Okay, I knew it was romance so I was aware about the “happily ever after” ending (which actually was very well played and was definitely the best part of the book). It was obvious, but yet I was attracted by the idea on which the story was based. A woman whose husband was killed and after two years is still grieving for his death decides to go and find the persons who received his organs. Her life will change when she met the one who received his heart.
There was really much potential in this idea to put together a mature story, not just the usual predictable romance.
But then it happened: Zander, the male protagonist, is super-rich and super-famous. He is totally completely in love. But Sadie, the female character, is hesitant.
Beside all these clichés, which are indeed annoying, what made me give just three stars to this book was the very very very (very) slow rhythm. I had the constant feeling that the author was going slow just to fill those pages, that there was too much drama just for the sake of it. Things took forever to happen and when the novel came to an end I realised it could have been much shorter. What about having something more happening in the story at a faster pace with the same novel’s length?
As I said, there was so much potential to create a compelling story, but it wasn’t exploited at all.
This is really a pity, because this is a well written book and the characterisation of the protagonists is really well done, but I spent most of the time on the book wondering when something would happen.

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