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You are only a few days away from learning what will happen to Anna, Hassan, Jan, Melissa, and all the other characters of the Red Desert series. The final book, “Red Desert - Back Home”, will be published on 31 July, but you don’t have to save the date: you can pre-order it now on your favourite e-book retailers and have it delivered to your ereader or reader app at midnight on the day of publication!

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Here is once more the book description.

It’s their home, they were born and raised there, but at the same time they’ve never set foot there. And so the deep feelings that Anna and Hassan have as they return to their own planet, after almost five years, are mixed with the marvel of the foreign entity they bring with them, as it lands on a new world.
The two survivors of the Isis mission are welcomed as heroes, but they can’t enjoy the adulation. The intent they are pursuing has priority over everything else.
Besides the internal battle between the new Anna and the old, two more conflicts consume her: the one against the hidden dangers brought by Earth itself, not to mention its inhabitants, and a more complex one involving her own feelings, which will force her to make an important choice affecting her future. In the meantime, on the Red Planet, Melissa finds herself deepening her exploration of human nature, torn between dread and disdain against it, and a growing sense of belonging.
But someone, intrigued by the sudden acceleration of the whole Isis program, is beginning to have suspicions.
Now that the adventure on Mars is over, what will Anna’s choice be? What will become of Earth?

If you haven’t read yet the previous books in the series, this is the right time to do it!
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