Homicide (and more) on Mars. Interview on Mars Pirate Radio

After more than one year I’m back on Mars Pirate Radio together with Doug Turnbull, who interviewed me about the publication of the final book in my Red Desert series set on Mars.

This time he asked me some very intriguing questions.
Along the series I’ve touched many themes, including homicide and ethnical intolerance, which could reach the Red Planet, even amongst a small crew, or maybe because of its being so small.
If you are curious about the reasons who pushed me to write about these topics, you must listen Episode 109 of Mars Pirate Radio.

Doug also asked my opinions about the feasibility of a permanent settlement on Mars, about the opportunity for women to bearing children there, and even about the various proposals to terraform the Red Planet.
Moreover I was asked to read a passage from “Red Desert - Back Home”, which I hope you like, in spite of my bad accent and pronunciation!
Finally I had a chance to say something about my upcoming crime thriller, “The Mentor”, due for publication on 1 November by AmazonCrossing, and also about the next novels from the Aurora saga, of which the Red Desert series is only the first part.

And now enjoy the listening of Mars Pirate Radio, episode 109.

For additional information on the other topics of this episode or if you have problems to listen to the podcast from this player or if you want to download it, check out Mars Pirate Radio page by clicking here.

If you haven’t read anyone of the books from the “Red Desert” series, start from “Red Desert - Point of No Return”. The other books are: “Red Desert - People of Mars”, “Red Desert - Invisible Enemy”, and “Red Desert - Back Home”.
You can find all the links to their ebook and paperback editions by clicking on the titles.

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