Dark Market - Frank Coles

***** The British side of action

I must admit that while reading the beginning of "Dark Market" I was disoriented. There's a guy who commits suicide and we do not understand why. There is a group of mercenaries in the Middle East caught up in frenetic action scenes, not easy to imagine, as it is a book, not a movie.
But I went ahead and here emerges in all its fullness the character of John Savage and a story that is both action-packed, but with a carefully constructed plot, in which all the elements that appear along the narrative get slowly together to form a perfect combination.
The author's style is direct, funny, throws you right into the action, in a world in which a commissioned murder has become a game of the powerful. The characters are well defined and credible in the context of what is normally considered credible in an action-thriller, a genre that I love on the screen and I'm not displeased to see represented in a book. My fantasy is perfectly able to provide the visual part and the narrative of Coles makes this task even easier.
No doubt this is an author who deserves some attention and "Dark Market" is a reading that I recommend to all lovers of books with a complex fast-paced plot.
It is also the first book in a series, starring John Savage. I'll definitely be curious to read the others to come.

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