New year: reached goals and new resolutions

Everybody tends to see the beginning of the new year like a chance to sum up what they've done in the past one, reset their life and start up with a different leap.

If I look back to 2012 I can say I definitely reached my goals, but I must admit I kept a low profile on my expectations. On the other hand I have done much more than expected. I've published 3 books this year (my first publications), one I had written in the past and two written during the year, and I've sold quite a lot, considering that Italian ebook market is really small (tiny is the right word). I've written another novel during NaNoWriMo (which I won and it was my first one). In total I've written 133k words in 2012, more than in the previous 3 years together. That's really an accomplishment.

My resolutions for next year are:
1) Publish book 3 and 4 of my sci-fi series "Deserto rosso";
2) Republish the whole series as a single book also in paperback;
3) Finish editing my previous novel to be published in 2014 ("L'isola di Gaia");
4) Start translating "Deserto rosso" into English (it will be "Red Desert");
5) Concentrate on creating an author platform in the English market (starting from this blog);
6) Partecipate to and win NaNoWriMo again;
7) Write at least 150k words;
8) Read at least 50 books... what else?
8) Triple my ebook selling!

I think it's enough, isn't it? But you never know what can happen in a year. Maybe I will do something different or something more.
Now tell me about your accomplishments and resolutions!