Perfect Copy - Judith Gaines

*** A good pastime, but nothing more

Book without praise or blame. I was a bit deceived by the fact that it was listed as a science fiction book. I would define it more something halfway between a technological and psychological thriller. The topic is cloning, and one of the ways this can go wrong. The setting is a bit static and far from being original. The characters are forced to stay in a house in the woods, while a snowstorm isolates them from the world, if we add a special child, does all this remind you of something?
In this context the plot is developed a little as thriller and horror together, with characters being hunted by someone who alone can be the most dangerous of all; they try to escape several times without succeeding, until the obvious ending.
It can be a nice read, but has not left much to me, once finished. The presence of a line of dialogue at the very beginning already puzzled me and therefore failed to make a good impression. However, I went ahead. The dynamics of the characters were quickly clarified, including the romance implications. Not once, however, the author was able to amaze me. The twists were pretty predictable.
I would not completely condemn this book, because it is still well written, but it isn't certainly a masterpiece. The problem is not about style, but the plot is lacking originality. I'm sure Gaines has the ability to write books of much more value, and I'll probably be curious to read them.

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