Perigee - Patrick Chiles

***** A ride in orbit

If you love airplanes, spacecrafts, orbiting stations and stories that have to do with NASA, you must read this book.
I bought it simply because I liked the cover and the title. That sort of airplane that I later found out to be a spaceplane (a plane that works both in the atmosphere and in space), lost in orbit, which seemed to be in trouble, made me immediately portend an interesting story. And I was not disappointed.
The plot of this techno-thriller is intriguing. It is set in a future when spaceplanes are used to travel between two antipodal points on Earth. These aircrafts, called clippers, have a drive that can almost bring them to orbit, drawing a parabolic trajectory, and then down to the final destination, which is reached in a few hours. During the journey, a very expensive one, the passengers feel the sensation of weightlessness for a short period of time, in which the clipper is in free fall.
The author, Patrick Chiles, is a pilot, has made several works in the field of aviation and has written numerous articles in magazines which deal with space flight. In short, he is an expert, both for the technical and the human part concerning flight and space. Reading his book, all this appears obvious. The pace of the story is compelling, the dialogue is well-orchestrated and you are given the impression to find yourselves there on the clipper or in the mission control or on the space station. New emotions are always around the corner, making the reading fun as well as instructive. It is actually characterized by a good balance between the technical part and fiction, which ensures credibility. It is a pity that such books do not arrive to the Italian market, because there would really be the need for them. This book is one of many examples of good value products written by independent authors.
If I had to define it with a word, it would be thrilling, under all points of view. Read it.

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