The Litigators - John Grisham

***** Law and irony

In this book we find an ironic Grisham, which tells the stories of little lawyers struggling with a big court case. Unlike some of his previous novels characterized by a bitter tone to show the worst of the American legal world, "The Litigators" is a very light, at times surreal story, without ever losing its credibility.
Even here the law is used to show different types of humanity, but this time describing its miseries with the aim to make us smile as well as that intrigue us. As always it is difficult to put the book down once started. You continue to turn pages, curious to know if the lawyers will be able not to be crushed by the judicial system, never losing your smile even when you are to live with them the worst situations.
There's no happy ending with a twist as in his first novels, but compared to the most recent ones, there is still a good ending, in which the characters are making it in one way or another, even if not as they had expected.
This type of Grisham, who looks like a sort of hybrid between his legal and humorous novels, is in a sense a pleasant surprise and I hope to continue to find it in his future works.

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