The Venom of Vipers - K.C. May

***** Science, suspense, action and sentiment: a sure-fire mix

The best books are always the ones based on characters, where their motives are at the heart of the action and, if well-written, they also become those of the reader, regardless of genre. "The Venom of Vipers" falls into this genre of books. It is a sci-fi thriller set in a near future in which humanity is threatened by an incurable and very aggressive disease, which will eventually take it to extinction. And so scientists have thought of creating a new variety of man (sapher), resistant to this virus, to which leaving human heritage. The problem is that not everyone agrees with this choice. There are those who want to eliminate these "monsters" and others who would free them and allow them to live a normal life.
In this context move a scientist, Katie, and one of these saphers, Ryder. Grown up together, but separated by their very nature, they are to make an amazing discovery, which could save mankind. Meanwhile various forces move in an attempt to stop them.
The rhythm is that of a thriller, especially towards the end, but there is the feminine touch in the development of the characters and in particular their emotional aspect, that May explores in the best way, forcing the reader to identify with them. Personally I loved the character of Ryder, with his impulsive nature. It was intriguing to see how the author has managed to make the idea of this character forced to live as a recluse in a science centre, in a situation far from any today's reality and for this reason able to raise even more my curiosity.
I also liked the way she invented a near future, which could be quite possible, without exceeding the imaginative part.
A really good book that may appeal not only to lovers of techno/sci-fi thriller, but in general the reader who loves character-centric stories, so pretty much everyone.

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