State of Fear - Michael Crichton

***** Great work of Crichton between novel and essay 

Only years after the death of Crichton I finally discovered his great value as a writer and it happened with this book, bought almost casually without knowing exactly what it was about, and that turned out to be very interesting for me, as it is fully in line with my thought. 
The topic is that of the so-called theory of anthropogenic global warming, which personally, even as an ecologist, I never believed, that is being analysed while the author tells a great story of action and adventure, and in doing so brings us a lot of scientific information, all confirmed with real references, which can be controlled, as they are then listed in the large bibliography of the volume.
Considering the way in which the author dismantles the theory of global warming and complaints the speculation and sensationalism, which accompany it; I completely understand why this book has never become a movie. It's too much against the trend. It goes against the economic interest of the moment.
Never let it be that people read it and believe it!
Maybe one day, when public opinion will have enough of this fake ecological drama we are witnessing, the opposite theory will appear (maybe they will be telling us that we are moving toward the ice age?) and then maybe this book will come out, which will be properly manipulated.
What the book says instead is that mankind is definitely not able to demonstrate whether our planet is really going towards a global warming (we are not even able to know with certainty what the weather will be like tomorrow!), so much so that every theory from 20 years ago was later denied. Much less mankind is able to prove whether they are able to influence these events (both positively and negatively) and to what extent.
Personally I doubt it, because in reality, as the same Crichton says, we are fragile in the face of nature's power and the only thing we can do is run and hide.
Really being able to influence it is pure presumption.

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