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Today I have the pleasure to host a fellow indie author, C. Desert Rose, in the scope of the All Authors Blog Blitz 2014.

Hello Everyone,
I am so happy and grateful to be visiting this blog on this special day, as we are celebrate the All Authors Blog Blitz.

I suppose I shall take this opportunity to talk about my upcoming novel, the first in the Fate’s Endeavor Series, titled “If Death Should Love Me.” It is due for release on July 8th, 2014, and I am ridiculously excited.

I realize that the title is a little intimidating, however it suits the content just fine, I assure you. Another thing that I can promise is that this is not a horror story. It is a paranormal romance, mixed with adventure. It is also interracial and multicultural. As the matter of fact, it’s probably like nothing most have read before.

When writing the Fate’s Endeavor Series, an image came to my mind. It was a mixture of all of the things that I’ve learned throughout the years about religious mythology, and I thought “What would it be like, if humans were just a tad askew about their beliefs of the netherworld?

You see, throughout the years I did a lot of research and studying in regards to religious mythology, angels, demons and the like, as the subject always had a certain attraction—I was, without a doubt, curious about it. In so being, I read a lot, and learned a lot.
Then I thought “What would it be like, if we had it all wrong?” In that instant an idea popped into my head. That is how the supernatural aspect of the Fate’s Endeavor Series was born. Following I’ll introduce you to this wonderful "amazing cluster world of souls" and our heroine Sophia, which were born from my imagination.

Sophia, is your average Hispanic-American female, dealing with family and day to day life. She’s exhausted with the monotony, but little does she know what fate has in store for her.

Azriel, is The Angel of Death, once human and yearning to be that again he embarks on a venture that will lead him to life, quarrel, hatred and love.

Gabriel the Archangel, is sick and tired of mankind and their petty needs. It has become his mission to undo himself of the responsibility. In comes his wrangle with Azriel.

The Higher Sources, are God—one in two and two in one. The creators of mankind and the makers of fate.

Azriel once said, “Fate, what a bleak and meaningless word to describe that which no one understands.”


Following is the blurb:

A dull roar, that’s all I could hear. Souls, that’s all I could see... So many people. Some good, some bad. Some breathing, some barely breathing. All souls. It was funny what you could see when you stood in the middle of the Emergency Room. Who survived, who didn’t. All of them, every one, a soul. A soul for the taking.

So begins your introduction to the floating, clustered world of souls that will have such influence on Sophia, the young Puerto Rican-American girl who has just lost her closest ally, her grandmother, "Abuela". It is just after the funeral, at the cemetery, where Sophia meets the tall, almost angelic man who will play the most unexpected role in her life.

A love story. A fantasy. An adventure. If Death Should Love Me tells a tale of “fate” far beyond the normal meaning of that little four letter word. How else would you explain why Sophia wonders what would happen If Death Should Love Me?


Well, it was a great pleasure being here with you and your followers today! Thank you so much for having me. Until next time everybody! :D

With regards and warm thoughts,
C. Desert Rose

Paranormal romance author

C. DESERT ROSE is the author of the Upcoming Youth/YA Paranormal story collection known as the “Fate’s Endeavor Series” soon to be launched with All Authors Publishing House, as well as two short stories (and counting) titled “Crimson on a Black Rose” and “A Tragedy: The Short Story of Fox & Tango.
Miss. Rose prefers to remain as an anonymous writer. She feels that there is something about the essence of mystery that anonymity offers which coincides well with her genre and method of writing. Miss Rose was picked up by All Authors Publishing House in early 2014 and estimates that her entire 4 book collection/series will be completed with 4 years time.
If you like the concept of angels and demons, the paranormal and the unlikely, then you’ll love what C. Desert Rose has in store for you.

C. Desert Rose, “happily ever after” is subjective.

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