Your journey on Mars starts now ... discover "Red Desert" and explore the Red Planet!

Today is the day.
Put on your suit, fasten your helmet and get on the rover to travel deep into the Martian desert.

Anna Persson is one of the five crew members of the Isis mission. Theyve travelled 400 million kilometres to colonise the Red Planet.

After about 1,000 sols (Martian days) spent in Station Alpha, Anna secretly leaves the habitat at the crack of dawn with a rover. She’s got enough oxygen for only fifty hours and she’s now approaching the point of no return of her journey.

Why did she leave Station Alpha?
What is she looking for?
Will she reach her destination?

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This is the first book of the Red Desert series, which includes four books. The second one will be published on 1 September 2014.

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Cover: Alberto Casu e Rita Carla Francesca Monticelli
Mars photo: NASA/JPL-Caltech
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What do you have to know before exploring Mars?
Check out the Red Desert glossary on's book page and the post series titled Things you need to learn before exploring Mars.

Do you want to know more about the series?

Red Desert is a hard science fiction series set on Mars. It includes many elements of science mixed with characters introspection, action, suspense, adventure, and a technothriller soul à la Michael Crichton.
Inspired by the work and books by Dr. Robert Zubrin (founder of the Mars Society) and the work of NASA and ESAs Mars exploration missions, this series aims at entertaining you and spread the word about the need to explore and colonise the Red Planet.

Youll get to know Anna and the other characters and youll almost feel the red dust on your fingers.

Red Desert has been awarded by Wired Magazine Italia as one of the 10 best self-published works in Italy.
Beautiful, introspecting, intense science fiction. In the end, the real planet to be explored is us. -

You can also this post on Regina Garson’s blog where I talk about the series.

I’m immersed in a deafening silence, only broken by the noise of my breath and the beating of my heart, resounding in my ears. The day is coming to an end. The sun is approaching the horizon. It will set in a little while together with its warmth.

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