Mars and space colonisation. Interview on Mars Pirate Radio, part #2

Being a scientist myself (I’m a biologist), when I wrote Red Desert I wasn’t just trying to narrate a story, a fantasy of mine, but I was speculating about the future of Mars exploration and colonisation.

In the second part of this interview on Mars Pirate Radio I had the chance to talk about my views on human colonisation of the solar system.
I expressed my opinion, and even my worries, about the Mars One project, and also discussed about the importance of such private ventures in creating competition against government ventures as they help politics understand the importance to support space agencies in their work.
I also tried to guess what kind of plants should be grown in a greenhouse on Mars.
And, finally, I read an excerpt (I do apologise for my pronunciation) from “RedDesert - Point of No Return”.

You can listen to the episode below, but before leaving you to it, I’d like to thank so much Doug Turnbull for the opportunity to be a guest in his wonderful podcast.
Though I am a podcaster in my own language (Italian), that was my very first public speaking in English and it was an honour for me to experience this on Mars Pirate Radio.

Enjoy Episode 63 of Mars Pirate Radio and the second part of the interview.

Have you missed the first part of the interview? Listen to it here.

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Enjoy your listening and, please, share the podcast with your friends!
Also check out Doug Turnbull's website and his own books set on Mars.

Red Desert - Point of No Return” is now available on Amazon, Kobo, iTunes, Barnes & Noble (also Nook UK), Google Play, and Smashwords starting from only $0.99.