V-ERAS 2014 calls for volunteers for a simulated Mars mission

This picture is a depiction of the V-ERAS classroom setup with the four
V-ERAS stations, as currently conceived.
Have you ever dreamt to be part of a Mars exploration mission? You can do it now virtually with V-ERAS Project.

The Italian Mars Society is seeking four volunteers to participate as members of the crew of the Virtual European MaRs Analogue Station (V-ERAS) during a simulation of human Mars exploration operations.

The mission will take place in Madonna di Campiglio, Trento, Italy from December 7, 2014 through December 14, 2014.
As currently planned, the crew will consist of four individuals chosen primarily for their skills as scientists and technologists in areas including psychology, physiology, medicine, mission operations, human factors and habitability. Considering that this is the startup phase of the project and the need to strongly interact with the IMS engineering team, proficiency in areas such as Computer Science, Software Engineering, Physics Simulation Engines will be considered strong assets.
Applicants should have either a four-year college degree or equivalent experience and be able to understand, speak and write fluently in English.

Crew members will only be required to pay for their own transportation to/from Trento, Italy. The living expenses will be covered by IMS and by Dolomites Astronomical Observatory – Carlo Magno Hotel, who is sponsoring the initiative.

Volunteers should send their applications to: v-eras@marssociety.it by September 30, 2014 in order to be considered.

Further information is available on Eras Project website at this link or you can download it as pdf by clicking here.