My English website is online!

If you’ve already visited this blog in the past, you’ve probably noticed something has changes since a couple of days. There are more links in the menu, including to “Home” that is separated from “Blog Home”. The reason is that this blog is now part of my English website, which you can visit by clicking on that “Home” link, pointing to
You can see a screenshot below.

It’s like a welcome page and also my hub, which allows you to easily connect with me by clicking on the social media icons and quickly get all the information you need about my books.
Let me offer you a little tour.

If you click on “Bio” you’ll be able to read some biographic info about me (same as in “Who’s Anakina?” here in the blog), plus my e-mail contact.
The “Blog” link obviously takes you back to the blog.
By hovering with your mouse pointer on “Books”, three choices will be given to you: “English”, including my books available in English; “Italian”, which brings you to my books page on my Italian website, including my books available in Italian (since this is part of another website, it’ll open in a new tab); and “Translations”, including English books I’ve translated into Italian.
By clicking on “Anakina Web” a new tab will open with my website dedicated to my translation business. Do you need a translation into Italian? Contact me there!
Photos” takes you to an album on Facebook gathering pictures I’ve taken around the world. From there you can also visit the other albums related to my books and events. More albums and photos will come in the future.
Finally there’s the “Mars” link. This one will bring you to Mars Initiative website, the international association collecting funds to send humans to Mars of which I’m an Italian official representative.

From my website you can easily subscribe to my newsletter, which I really hope you’ll do, you can start following Anna Persson, the protagonist of my Red Desert series, on Twitter, and you can switch to my Italian website (, in case you can speak or read Italian.

Do you like my website? If so, please share the link to your friends!