“Red Desert” book three cover reveal. All questions will be answered . . .

Just a little more than three weeks and the third book of the “Red Desert” series, “Red Desert - Invisible Enemy”, will be out.

I’m now here to show you the cover, which isn’t exactly a surprise as it’s similar to the Italian one but with the English titles. And once more this cover was created by me.

The previous book left you with many answers but also with a lot more questions.
What happened to Robert and Hassan at Station Alpha?
Who killed Michelle?
And now there’s a new one: who’s the invisible enemy?

All questions will be answered on 2 February.
In the meantime, here is the book description, which gives you a glimpse at the story.

The joy of finding the small community living in Ophir is soon shattered by the news coming from Houston about the loss of contact with Station Alpha. In fact for more than a day now, no life signs have been detected inside the habitat.
So, together with Jack, Anna sets out for Lunae Planum again. She’s assailed by dread about Robert’s and Hassan’s fate, and also by doubts concerning their involvement in the death of both the Isis mission commander, and most of all, his wife.
However, having to face Michelle’s murderer is only the first of her problems.
Torn between the desire to return to Earth and the ambition of getting the credit for her scientific discoveries, Anna will see her feeble certainties waver several times, until the revelation of a more devious danger concealed by the Red Planet: an invisible enemy, whose mysterious intent menaces her existence and the one of the only person who is still at her side.

Are you ready to uncover the enemy?

The third book of the “Red Desert” series, “Invisible Enemy”, is a novel. It’ll be available for pre-order on Amazon, Kobo, iTunes, and Barnes & Noble about a week before publication, and then on Google Play, Nook UK, Scribd, Oyster, and other retailers on 2 February.