Private Hell - Heinz G. Konsalik

***** The fight against the monster

I’ve had this book for some time, I don’t even know how I got it, and I started reading it because I was intrigued by the description.
In fact, and I would say fortunately, the narrated story has little to do with the back cover, which describes only a detail of one of the stories that intertwine in this beautiful novel, but mostly it does not make the slightest reference to the main theme: alcoholism.
A doctor, a worker, a priest, the young scion of a wealthy family, different people meet in the story precisely because of their addiction to alcohol.
The author enters the mind of the alcoholic and manages to show the reader what train of thought leads the former to drink again, even after feeling very bad and having sworn to themselves that they would stop, even if it means neglecting the people they love and that love them, although it may take them to the brink of death, even if it forces them and their family out of poverty, even though they perfectly know the reason for their illness, as to be able to advise others like them.
Alcoholism is the monster that controls the protagonists of this novel, accompanying them in their descent into hell. Some don’t make it and are defeated, especially if they have no one to rely on. Others, who have the good fortune to be able to count on their loved ones, find the strength, or at least oblige themselves to find it, to fight the monster, and maybe win.
The wonderful prose of Konsalik flows between despair, humour, and hope, between a tear and a smile, until you reach the end with the feeling of having received a gift.

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