Son of a Serial Killer - Jams N. Roses

**** The inheritance of evil

This psychological thriller is another of the novels in free promotion in which I stumbled. The title itself is one that you cannot miss.
Could the son of a serial killer become himself a serial killer? Apparently yes, in the opinion of the author, if the parent is suffering from some mental illness that may arise in his children.
Something special is the way the story is presented. The characters appear separately and only as you go ahead with the book you realize how they are connected together. For this reason it is difficult to mention the plot without spoilers. Part of the fun is to put the pieces together yourself as you read.
The novel is not very long and the characterisation of the characters is engaging. Personally I identified with the protagonist who suspects to be the son of a serial killer and fears to become himself a serial killer. I lived with him the terror with which he performed his actions. Ben is afraid of what he can be and ultimately he fears himself.
The ending of the story is in line with this fear.
I must say that unfortunately, although I have read the novel with great pleasure and very quickly, I found the ending a bit disappointing. It was what I expected without making any special effort of imagination. It’s a shame, because a subject as thorny as this one deserved a braver approach.
However, it is a good book that I would recommend it.

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