Pre-order the new action thriller: “Kindred Intentions”

Imagine that you are a police officer, whose task is to work under cover in a law firm. You must observe, listen, and report.
But on the very day you should be hired, while you’re waiting for your final job interview, you find yourself in the middle of a shooting.

And it’ll be only the beginning of a crazy adventure, which will change your life.

This is what happens to Amelia Jennings, the main character of “Kindred Intentions”, my new action thriller set in London and surroundings. It also includes a romantic twist, some drama, and a bit irony. And yes, a lot of killed people.

Kindred Intentions” is now available for pre-order exclusively on Amazon:

You’ll get it directly on your Kindle on 26 April 2016.

Here is the book description.

It was 10 a.m. when undercover agent Amelia Jennings arrived at the law firm Goldberg & Associates for a job interview. Her mission was to investigate a series of murders involving some well-known lawyers in the City. Her target, an elusive hired killer who had been of interest to the police for months.
But her plan is doomed to fall apart before it even starts.
In less than twenty-four hours Amelia will be the prey in a man hunt and her destiny will become entwined with Mike Connor’s.
Their intentions, apparently similar, may prove to be contrary, but the affinity binding them goes beyond what they think they know about each other.

The paperback edition will follow very soon.
Also available for Kindle Unlimited members starting from the publication date.

Meet Amelia and Mike, and your life won’t be the same anymore.

Pre-order it on Amazon: