A Stir of Echoes - Richard Matheson

***** Never let yourself be hypnotised!

This short paranormal thriller is another little gem from the extensive literary production of Matheson. Despite being a short enough work, it can be considered a complete book, thanks to the author’s ability to use a fast pace, which does not get lost on too much talking, but can summarise a complex plot in a little space.
As always in his books you have no idea what might happen next, since it is difficult to label them and then understand the type of plot from the genre. His moving easily between science fiction and fantasy makes the reader not know what to expect when they pick up a book of his.
Although the novel is dated, the prose sounds quite contemporary.
The main character, Tom, who after being hypnotised begins to see and hear strange things, is characterised by great irony and a touch of madness, which make him fascinating. Perhaps the protagonists of many of his books tend to look alike, but that does not make them any less interesting.

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