Thoughts by Anakina: an alternative way to connect with me

As you may know I have a regular mailing list, with which I keep my readers posted about new book releases, promotions, and giveaway.
The problem with this mailing list is that more than 90% of the subscribers ended up in it after getting a free e-book and not because they really wanted to keep in touch with me. That’s why I send my newsletter just when I have some news related to new publications and promotions. Once I do that, I also add a link to the latest articles posted on this blog, but I don’t put anything personal, because this is not the reason why people subscribed to or ended up in the list in first place.

Now I decided to create a brand new mailing list, which I called Thoughts by Anakina, dedicated to real readers of my books who are interested to know what I’m involved in, but also to get my tips about books, TV series, movies, my life here in Sardinia (do you know where Sardinia is?) and more things that I like, and fun stuff related to my books and characters.
Of course I will add a note to this newsletter when I publish a new book in English and I will point out to the relevant link with further detail, but the purpose of Thoughts by Anakina is that I can keep in touch with those of you who really want to keep in touch with me.
You won’t get many of these emails and they won’t be long, but I’ll try to make them interesting. I promise.

Moreover, later on, subscribers to this mailing list will receive some exclusive free stuff!

Do you want to enter my little club?

Some people have already subscribed: thank you, my dear readers and friends! As of today, I haven’t started yet to send my messages, but I will start soon.

My messages (except those including exclusive free stuff, which only subscribers will receive) will then appear on the archive site, i.e. the same one where you can subscribe. They will appear as sent from my e-mail address: Save it in your address book. You can also email me any time.

Why don’t you give it a try?
And if you get bored, you can unsubscribe with a click.