Fury On Sunday - Richard Matheson

***** Short but intense

This short novel is the crazy race of a character who in a few hours succeeds in destroying what remains of his life. Convinced that he was robbed of the woman he loves, he escapes from the asylum, where he is detained for killing his father, and in which he is also victim of abuse, to “save her”. But that woman never shared his feelings. It’s all a creation of his mind.
And the book represents a journey first of all in the mind of the protagonist, the discovery of how madness is generated, and the way it drives him to act.
Even this time, Matheson amazes me with a story completely different from his previous ones. Through the points of view of the five main characters, through the personal way in which each one of them interprets the story, one layer at a time the plot details are revealed. The tone of the whole novel is dramatic, dotted with violence and death. As a reader, I was worried about the fate of the victims, but also of the crazy protagonist, who is in his own way a victim capable of eliciting pity.
The choice of who kills and who survives in the end is not random. Along with the sinking of the protagonist into his delirium, the rise of another character and the redemption of the last victim are revealed.

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