Your book in Italian

Would you like to have your book translated into Italian and promoted in Italy?

This is the right place for you!
I'm an Italian mother tongue translator and novelist and I will translate your book for a fair price, moreover I will help you promote it in the Italian market.
How? Let me explain.

I will translate your book*, and correctly format the ebook version for Amazon (mobi) and Smashwords (doc).
I will translate your press release, the Italian version of your website, review your book on my Italian blog, on Amazon, Goodreads, and Anobii, interview you on my blog (as part of your blog tour), host a guest post by you on my website, suggest your book to my mailing list, promote it on my Facebook page, Twitter profile, Google Plus profile, Pinterest profile, and more.

What do I ask in exchange?
- A very reasonable rate for the translation;
- A review of one of my books on Amazon, when it will be available in English (I will send you a copy on ebook).

If you are interested, please send me your book as .doc file, or a sample and the total word count, and I will send you a quotation.
This applies both for fiction and non-fiction books. Preferred genres: thrillers, mystery, and science fiction. Other genres may be accepted (no erotica).
Visit Anakina Web website for more infos about my translation firm.

Do you want a 30% discount for the translation?

I will translate, format, and promote your book, as reported above, but I'll offer a 30% discounted rate for my services.

What do I ask in exchange of the discount?
A concrete help in spreading the word about my books, including the following:
- A review of one of my books (which I will give you) on Amazon, your blog, Goodreads, a guest post on your blog, an interview on your blog (blog tour), when they will be available in English;
- Help spreading the word about my books among your contacts (including your mailing list) and channels;
- Any other possible help in promoting my book in your country as much as I do in mine.

This offer is subject to acceptance by me, according to the size and the type of your readership

If you are interested, please contact me.

Are you a professional translator from Italian and/or English into your mother tongue and also an author of books written in English, French, or German?

I'm willing to exchange my translation services with yours. I'll translate your book(s) from English, French or German into Italian, and you'll translate mine from Italian or English into your mothertounge without any money involved.
I'm also willing to help promoting your book in Italy, if you can do the same in your language market.

Please note that I'm particularly interested in translating science fiction, science (non-fiction), writing and publishing manuals, thrillers and mystery books.


* All translations will be revised at least by another person to make sure they are free from mistakes or typos.

Please note that I'm NOT interested in translating on a royalty sharing base. All rights on translations are granted to you for 20 years (maximum time allowed by law in Italy) after our agreement is fulfilled.

The above are just examples, but we can arrange something different, if you like.
Please bear in mind that for a matter of time I reserve to accept or not your proposal, depending on the book genre. For free translations, we must take into account also the length of the respective texts.

For more information, just drop me a line.

What I've already translated

Amantarra (Italian Edition) by Richard J. Galloway
Available on Amazon, Kobo, inMondadori, laFeltrinelli, iTunes, and Smashwords.

Author website (Italian):

Yours will be the next one . . . ?