New Year, new resolutions: 2014

And here we are again with the classic post in which I look back to my reached goals and I list my resolutions for the new year.
Let’s start from those of 2013 and let’s see how I managed with them.

When I read again the listyou can find here, I find out that I couldn’t reach only one of them, i.e. # 3 “Finish editing my previous novel to be published in 2014 (“L’isola di Gaia”; trans: “The Isle of Gaia”)”. Actually it was difficult to complete it, considering the many other tasks, but it also was the less urgent. I’ve not ended the editing of this book, but I’ve completed the second draft and I’m absolutely on track to publish it in November 2014.

I must say the other resolutions were a success:
- I’ve written and published the last two episodes of the sci-fi series “Deserto rosso”, one in April and the other one in September;
- I’ve republished the entire series in a single volume, both on e-book and paperback, in time for Christmas;
- I’ve started the translations in English of “Deserto rosso”, which will become “Red Desert”;
- I’ve continued to study the English-speaking market, and I’ve developed this blog;
- I participated and won NaNoWriMo, thanks to which I’ve completed the first draft of “Affinità d’intenti” (trans: Kindred Purposes), which is an action thriller;
- I’ve written at least 150 thousand words, actually I’ve written 220 thousand words! I’ve been really good at this;
- I’ve read 50 books;
- moreover I had hoped to triple my e-book sales, but I have actually more than quintuplicated them! I have sold more than 2700 copies in 2013, thus reaching a total amount of more than 3200 copies.
I’m really satisfied by these results!

I would like to spend a couple of words about my series “Deserto rosso”, which accompanied me for these two years and which I have closed with great melancholy. Writing and publishing a 4-book science fiction series in a little more than twenty months, while interacting with my Italian readers, has been a fantastic experience. The characters (in particular Anna, but not just her) have become friends of mine, were part of my daily routine. In this moment it seems difficult to me, if not impossible, to imagine creating in the future such a close bond with other characters from another series. It’s also true that, even if “Deserto rosso” is completed, this does not apply for its story and I’ll find some of those characters in the other books from the cycle of the Aurora, but I think I’ll always be particularly fond with this Martian adventure, thanks to the intensity with which I’ve lived it and for the way it marked the beginning of a more serious commitment for me as writer and author, and also as space and Mars exploration enthusiast.

Anyway I’ll have soon the chance to relive partly all that with the English version, “Red Desert”, hoping it will be liked by my new readers around the world.
To what I’ve listed above I must add that in 2013 I’ve translated in Italian the novel “Amantarra” by Richard J. Galloway, which is now available on Amazon and iTunes (soon on Kobo). I hope to translate more books in my language, starting from the next ones by Richard, since this was just the first one of a trilogy.

Moreover I must add to the result attained in the past year the beautiful experience of giving a speech during the event COM:UNI:CARE Live Conference at the University of Salerno, during which I talked about self-publishing.

I’d like to have more time to dedicate to this topic, to allow all independent authors from my country, and those willing to become one, to have an easier access to all that information that can be useful to create publishing products characterised by quality. As widely demonstrated by my international colleagues (who are maybe reading this blog), self-publishers have the potentiality to create a professional space of their own and with a high quality standard within the publishing market, and I’d like to give my contribute so that more of them succeed in doing this.

During the past year I’ve improved and widened my knowledge about this job and I’ve become a more aware and prepared independent author. My self-publishing commitment takes more than 505 of my time and what I hope to do in this coming year is to lay the groundwork for making it a source of a bigger income.

And now, here are my resolutions for 2014:
1) completing the editing and publishing “Il mentore” (trans: “The Mentor”) in Italian by spring 2014;
2) writing the third draft (which will be a re-writing), doing the editing and publishing “L’isola di Gaia” (The Isle of Gaia) in Italian by November 2014 (in time for Christmas);
3) participating and winning NaNoWriMo 2014;
4) completing the translation in English of “Red Desert” and publishing at least the first two or three episodes. It would be great to publishing all four of them by Christmas, but I’m not sure yet I can make it. Anyway, if you like, you’ll be able to explore Mars with my characters very soon (starting from June);
5) developing my author platform in English, my marketing plan and possibly to be successful with it;
6) reading at least 52 books, one per week;
7) writing at least 200 thousand words (including re-writing of “L’isola di Gaia”), though I’m sure I won’t resist until November before writing something completely new;
8) repeating the good sales of this year and possibly improve them. I think I can equal my sales in the Italian market, but I really hope to get some very good results with the English one as soon as I have my books translated.

What do you think?
I believe this list is even more demanding that the one for 2013, but my experience in the latest twelve months has taught a lot to me. Having done more than I expected (like translating “Amantarra”) makes me confident on the results I can expect for 2014.

It is still a challenge that I’m ready to take up, knowing that I’m allowed to replace or change any of these resolutions.
I know for sure that to reach certain results I’ll need the help of my friends, collaborators, and readers again, who motivate me every day to keep on with my little publishing enterprise and who remind me why I love writing so much.

And what about you? Have you fulfilled your 2013 resolutions? And what are those for 2014?