The Front - Patricia Cornwell

**** A new case for Win Garano 

My review of this novel is perfectly interchangeable with the previous one of this series, “At risk.”
 The pattern is exactly the same: an unsolved murder case from the past and a case that involves somehow, unexpectedly, the prosecuting attorney Monique Lamont. The main protagonists are always the same. The times in which the story unfolds match. There is again a female secondary character, who somehow assists Garano although she should not or would not do it.
 In both cases, the story is told in a concise and fast-paced way, in order to constantly stimulate the reader’s interest.
 The best way to enjoy the novel is to read it in a short period of time, also to avoid the risk of forgetting the important details scattered throughout the pages.
 In any case it is a great detective story, which deviates from the macabre (morbid) style of Scarpetta’s novels and opens to a public loving classic crime stories, in which you put the clues together, you make assumptions and get to a solution.

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