Smoked - Patrick Quinlan

**** Pure adrenaline 

So much adrenaline for this debut novel by Patrick Quinlan. A story à la Pulp Fiction, but with more likable characters (I'm not crazy about Tarantino). A movie plot, with timings typical of a film. Lots of action, which turns into strong emotions for the reader. Impossible not to go on and read it page by page (I must admit the large layout and large font size of the Italian edition helped).
 A book that can be read quickly, leaving a certain satisfaction in the reader. Although I would not read other books of this kind in the near future, I can say I'm satisfied with this novel, which I recommend to those who want to escape from everyday life and enjoy a little healthy literary fun.
 The twists and turns follow each other, even though at times you feel where the author wants to get, but he does it by following winding paths that force you to keep turning the pages. Very nice the way he suddenly changes the point of view of the narrative and the engaging way of narrating the action scenes, which, although they can be a focal point in a film of this genre, are always in danger of being difficult within a novel. In any case, not once I had to go back, because I had missed some detail of a frantic scene.
 If this is a debut novel, perhaps Quinlan did even better in the following ones.

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