EONI - Teus Mako

*** Interesting novella

I stumbled by chance upon this free novella on Amazon. The cover was pretty and I downloaded it without a second thought. When I read it, I became immediately aware that it was a first attempt of a self-publisher, but the result is not all bad.
The plot is interesting and anything but politically correct. For that alone it already deserves my appreciation. To this a non-obvious ending is added that amply repaid my reading time.
I really wanted to give completely a positive vote (at least four stars), but unfortunately I could not pass on to some serious problems in the text.
First of all the story could be developed much more. It looks more like a draft of the plot for a novel than a novella. You get the impression that the author was outlining the ideas to write something more substantial and honestly I hope that someday he’ll do so.
The text is moreover full of typos and errors. The hand of at least a proofreader is completely missing. Maybe they were fixed in a latest edition (I see some editors are added to the contributors list), but I can’t say because they aren’t in my copy of the ebook.
Finally the dialogues are naive to say the least.
Too bad, because it could be a cute book.
However, it’s an acceptable reading considering that it was free.

EONI on Amazon.