East Coast Crisis - Howard Weinstein & A.C. Crispin

**** Nostalgia of the real Visitors

How I loved the Visitors! I remember as a young girl the trepidation with which I kept waiting every week for a new episode on TV. And what a disappointment when no news season followed the final cliff-hanger. Years later, as an adult, I happened to watch the whole series again and I loved it almost more than the first time. So you can imagine my delight in spotting this booklet in a flea market.
It is a tie-in that tells the invasion from the mini-series but from the point of view of the East Coast, especially New York. Some classic characters are mentioned, even we can see Mike Donovan in a scene, but the main characters are others. It was great to rediscover the Visitors through the eyes of unsuspecting new characters.
The plot is very well thought out. In the preface the author of the original series, A.C. Crispin, explains that she had outlined the story, and then it was developed by Howard Weinstein. There isn’t clearly the wonder of discovery, as the reader of this book already knows the story, but the novel is equally enjoyable. Too bad the story continues in other books that unfortunately I don’t have.
It remains a real treat for fans of science fiction. If you happen to get it in your hands, read it.

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