“The Mentor” featured on The Big Thrill

Some weeks ago I had the chance to speak about my “The Mentor” to Jaden Terrell. This interview is now being featured on The Big Thrill, the online magazine by the International Thriller Writer Organization.

It was a very interesting chat. Jaden had read the book and liked it, so she asked me a few questions that touched the main themes in my crime thriller, like what inspired me to write this story, why I decided to chose an anti-hero as main character, when I figured out the first dramatic scene of the novel for the first time, how I balanced romance and suspense, and so on.

I also had the chance to reveal what’s my favourite fiction character and why I like it (him!) so much. You’ll also guess who’s my favourite author.

All this and more can be found on The Big Thrill by clicking here.

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