Funny Girl - Nick Hornby

***** Almost true

Nick Hornby is an author I tend to return to periodically, although every time I read one of his books I’m partly disappointed by the ending, but with his writing style, his ordinary characters who are original at the same time and his plots pregnant with the typical absurdity that one can only observe in real life, where reality always exceeds imagination, he succeeds in riveting me to the pages of his books as much as only a few other colleagues of his do. Eventually I appreciate the time I spend on reading his novels more than the way the plot develops and ends.
But with “Funny Girl” he has really surprised me.
The way he tells the story of the main character is a perfect blend of reality and fantasy in which it isn’t possible to see the border. For the duration of the book, I wondered if it was a true story, hypothesis corroborated by the many photos accompanying the text.
The illusion is fuelled by the fact that this is sometimes narrated as an account, with the typical distance of an external narrator.
Therefore the credibility of the story becomes total. Hornby abandons the absurd and over the top situations of his previous books, the ones which eventually disappointed me with an ending not matching his brilliant strokes of genius, weaving from beginning to end a balanced storyline, fun but without ever becoming comical or excessive, that leaves you with a sense of fulfilment and makes you close the book with a smile.
How hard I try, I just cannot find any fault with this book.

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