The Bloody Wedding - Stefania Mattana

***** The witness you don’t expect

In this short story, Stefania Mattana puts aside her cosy mysteries, but not the town where they are set, Tursenia, which this time hosts no less than Raffaello Sanzio during the creation of Pala Baglioni.
The one telling us about this story is an unlikely witness: the canvas.
While the painter works on it, the canvas sees and listens to Raffaello’s and Donna Atalanta’s conversations, revealing to the reader the dramatic events of the Bloody Wedding.
The author succeeds in entering the historical context, thanks to the use of a high register that imitates the talk of the time without exaggerating. At the same time this register highlights how the narrating voice, although being a painting created in 1500, still exists, has been witnessing the passing of centuries, and as a result, the way it speaks to the reader has evolved.
The ending of this little pearl by Mattana connects to her previous works and leaves you with a smile.

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