Someone Is Bleeding - Richard Matheson

**** Enjoyable noir

With this book I started reading the noir trilogy by Richard Matheson, which deviates a lot from his subsequent production related to speculation fiction.
“Someone Is Bleeding” is a short novel characterised by the vintage charm of noir (actually it was originally published in 1953).
Some parts are perhaps a bit hasty, even if, all things considered, there was no need to dwell much in them.
As often happens in his books, we have the usual male protagonist in trouble, who is brave but a little weak.
The plot itself is not intricate, but events happen so quickly that you have no time to think. What you really don’t understand is what the characters do in their life. The protagonist is a writer, but you never see him writing throughout the story.
The ending is not predictable, although in part the reader can get to figure out who the culprit is.
The prose is excellent, as always.