The Ice Limit - Douglas Preston, Lincoln Child

**** The ending is a bit exaggerated, but overall an enjoyable novel

Give me a book with a major mean of transport which goes on water, air or space and I'm going to enjoy it for sure. This book by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child does nothing but confirm this fact, especially since beside the ship are also the difficulties to bring her in an extreme environment like the Antarctic Ocean. In the face of all these elements together, I could not decide to read this novel and I must say that the good promises of the plot have been kept.
The two authors are really able to take me in the middle of the ice, to convey the anguish of a ship that may sink into the gelid nothingness between Patagonia and Antarctica.
The premise of the giant meteorite is intriguing, but the development of story itself is even better. The constant feeling of danger emerges from the pages, conveyed by characters perfectly in line with what you would expect from an adventure book. Some are a bit excessive, but the situation narrated allows it, I would say that even requires it.
The scientific part is equally interesting, at the end of the reading I knew some more about planetary geology (a discipline of which I did not even know the name) and how you should command an oil tanker among icebergs, if you are chased by a warship. Obviously this is fiction and many of the things explained are not real, but this has little importance. What really matters is that it has stimulated my imagination and certainly will be a starting point for some new ideas in the future.
In short, a fun read that I recommend to anyone.
The only thing I did not like is the ending, which I feel a bit exaggerated and with catastrophic premises. And I hate catastrophic stories. The authors have decided to play dirty, throwing the stone and hiding their hand. They finished the story with a terrible discovery, on which they have closed the book. A little too easy, right? This is why I stopped to 4 stars.
Anyway, I decided to ignore this flaw, so as not to spoil the good memories I have of this book.

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