The Accidental Woman - Jonathan Coe

** Daunting 

It was the first time I read a work by Coe. I immediately liked the laid back style, his humour and especially the way in which he tells the story, addressing the reader in the third person and bringing them to see exactly the story from his own point of view. The latter looks a bit detached and ironic and leads the reader to have the same approach.
 The problem of this book, however, is another. I am absolutely certain that Coe had so much fun in writing it. You can see from what he writes. But does this implies that those who read it are just as able to have fun? I would say no.
 The story is a bit impalpable. The title ‘The accidental woman’ could easily be ‘An ordinary looser’ just because this is what the book is about. It tells the story of an ordinary woman, absolutely mediocre and banal, who is carried away by the events without having any strength to give a minimal footprint to her life. In short it's about persons of whom the world is full and I personally like at all, because they are obviously lacking any imagination, dreams and above all lazy, they are unable to make the slightest move to use their lives with dignity. People who survive instead of living. Was it really necessary to write a story about one of them?
 While reading I hoped that in some way sooner or later the protagonist would redeem. At the end of the penultimate chapter there was also a positive twist (although always a random one), but it died there, it was without consequences, and the last chapter reaches the highest level of depression of the entire work.
 It is in my opinion a daunting story, both for those who can see themselves in such a person, confirming their theory that they cannot do anything to improve their lives, but also for those who struggle every day to avoid falling into that apathy and build with a hard work a full and interesting life.

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