Journey within a Story - Giovanni Venturi

***** A dreamful journey

In theme with the Christmas spirit and the chill that surrounds our country these days, there comes a new story of Giovanni Venturi, who, after having bewitched me with his collection "Deve accadere", dragged me into this short oneiric adventure with a little boy trapped in a library in search of the imaginary line between reality and dreams.
In reading it I could not help but feel those sensations typical of when you're trapped in a dream, which seems to make sense and anguishes you at the very time you do it, but it becomes incomprehensible as soon as you wake up. Yet that feeling of discomfort remains, struggling to get away. The young Daniel, on the contrary, took refuge in this dream to escape a painful reality, which he must face sooner or later.
This little story, full of ideas, is made precious once again by the talent of Venturi. His fresh style does not need much fuss to get straight to the heart of the reader. It does it, on the contrary, in a natural way, pushing you to turn the page and get to the end almost in an instant. The only regret is that in fact this beautiful story ends too soon. I hope I will not have to wait long before Venturi proposes another one of his goodies.

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