Persuasion - Jane Austen

***** The novel of maturity

That’s how “Persuasion” is usually defined, which is one of two posthumous novels of Jane Austen. The settings and situations are always the usual ones, which are also found in the other five books, but the maturity factor (let’s call it like that) makes it different from the other works of this great author. 
 First of all I must say that I’ve read the book while listening to the audiobook. It was an enjoyable and instructive experience, thanks to the skill of the reader (I’ve downloaded the audiobook from Listen to an audiobook in English with a text in front helps to better savour the words and improve your pronunciation.
 Beyond that, I was greatly impressed by the novel where all the characters really are so well defined as to have the impression of having them before your eyes. The love story of the main character remains in the background for most of the book, while a series of events is shown, filtered by the impact that these have on Anne. Her character is a docile at first, but as the story takes hold one realizes how she has learned through experience, given by the maturity , to get by in the most diverse situations without doing harm to no one and without exposing herself too much to others.
 The narrative is divided between long dialogues and long tales of past and present events. In some passages I admit that I would rather know the exact words of the characters, rather than the summary of the author, but she seems to want to focus only on certain aspects of the story.
 In this sense, the end is almost precipitous, but the twist that precedes it is spectacular, especially if you consider that you know from the beginning that there can be only one conclusion. Nevertheless, I was open-mouthed in front of the manner in which the author has decided to play her cards and this is where you see the maturity of Austen, no longer a young girl, but a woman who looks at the world with eyes that are a little less carefree than ever before.

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