The Pollinators - Winfield H. Strock III (short review)

**** Nice idea, but too short for a paid book

It is clear that the author has published this ebook to be able to give it for free during periods of promotion or directly to potential readers. Besides, who would buy a 7-page ebook? I would say nobody.
Yet I notice that his other ebooks' prices are too high as well and definitely out of the market. I do not quite understand this kind of choices.
I'm not saying I haven't liked it, because the main idea is nice. It is a science fiction short story about the unpredictable future consequences of certain actions done in the name of science or with the best of intentions, with the classic twist at the end. 
Maybe I would have seen it better as part of a collection or as a free ebook to be offered in retailers that allow that.

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