30 things I learnt from 30 years of books

In today's guest post I'm happy to host again an article by author Stefania Mattana. She's turning thirty and decided to celebrate this special birthday with a thirty day blog tour. The following article is about thirty things she learnt from books up to now.

Thirty years. Sounds good, doesn't it? I don’t know what my peers think about being thirty, but I am totally excited. It’s such a perfect number, isn’t it?

I’ve committed myself to celebrate my thirty years as best as possible by launching a one month length blog blast involving authors, interviews, guest posts and books. Yes, books, because they have signed my life throughout my whole life. From the little coloured books with images only to Agatha Christie’s masterminds, including The Young Creative Writer's Manual, the poor Gregor of The Metamorphosis, Santiago, Manolin and that giant marlin, et cetera.  

This is my personal list of the thirty things I learnt within thirty years of reading… and writing.

1- There’s nothing better than the regular breathing of a dog or cat while reading or writing.

2- The preface of a book is pretty important.

3- Books are never enough. Once you start with them, it’s over. You can’t do without them.

4- You may spend some slice of you life without reading at all, for some reasons. It’s quite common and there’s nothing to be ashamed of.

5- Reading in bed to help you get asleep seriously damage the quality (and the duration) of your sleep!

6- Vampires may burn under the sun, but maybe not. They sleep during daylight, but maybe not. The shine, but maybe not. We create tales and legends: writing a story allows us to change some aspects of our popular culture. 

7- There are tons and tons and tons of wonderful books which are written by little known authors or self publishers.

8- Self-publishers are extremely generous and talented. I belong to an awesome authors group where giving and sharing come before receiving.

9- A book cover has to be visually striking.

10- Books inspire meditation: the most interesting characters are usually pretty introspective.

11- Real world is cruel and mean. There’s always a happy ending on books, more or less.

12- Whatever will happen to you, books always open a way out of the reality.

13- Perfect murders don’t exist. Someone has been sloppy if the murderer gets away with it.

14- Books can teach you important things which may “get you ready” to face good or bad situations you may not have faced yet.

15- The butler never did it. If he did, it mean the book is really awesome.

16- There’s nothing better for a writer than a new book release as advertisement.

17- Characters could get out of author’s hand. They often come alive and decide by themselves.

18- Books are versatile: if you didn’t enjoy a book you can use it as a doorstop. I am still working on the versatile use of the ebooks.

19- Books allow you to buy a title and dedicate it to yourself without looking pathetic. Try to do the same with a bundle of roses…

20- You can be anyone thanks to books, even just for one evening: you can be a Greek hero of a flamenco dancer, or a fisherman.

21- Technology doesn’t always get better of things. It’s been years that experts talk about computers taking over books, but it’s not happened yet.  There are ebook, but paperbacks are still here, alive and kicking.

22- Books are your best friends when spending the whole night with diarrhoea and vomit and are too scared to get asleep because you’re alone at home and are afraid of choke on your own vomit (true story).

23- Books are a great cover when you’re on a train and some creepy guys want to speak with you. You’ve got a book with you and they go away.

24- Books taught me how to write.

25- You do not need to become an insect to be alienated by society.

26- Books characters are your best friends ever when your real friends dump you.

27- When your friends talk about their love stories and you haven’t got any partner since the Medieval era, you can take the cue from the book you’re reading to join the discussions and keep your social life alive.

28- Books taught me to be patient.

29- Readers can lead stories. I miss the great old book games for kids so much that last Christmas I wrote one for my grandma and my family. Best never ending gift ever. Every time you read it it’s about a different story.

30- I often wonder myself, when reading a book or some passages of it, why I did not come up myself with that idea. Reading push yourself to progress.

Stefania Mattana
Crime fiction author

STEFANIA MATTANA is a crime fiction author whose stories and essays have appeared in numerous publications, websites and anthologies. Her first self-published short story collection Cutting Right To The Chase, featuring the former Met Police Detective Chase Williams, was released in June 2013 to great acclaim. She also blogs for Huffington Post UK, her own DailyPinner and other webzines.

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