Why I wrote a series set on Mars. Interview on Mars Pirate Radio

I don’t know exactly when I started to be fascinated by the Red Planet. Maybe it was back when I used to study astronomy at school, or maybe later when I followed NASA’s Pathfinder mission.
Fact is that I love this planet. It makes me dream of a future when mankind colonises the Solar System and perhaps pushing themselves even further.
In this scope, the step from science to science fiction is short.

I’ve recently had the chance to talk about this subject with Doug Turnbull, a fellow science fiction author, who runs a podcast called Mars Pirate Radio about space science fact and fiction.

He asked me why I chose Mars as setting of the Red Desert series and encouraged me to talk about the genre in which I write most (hard science fiction), about the first book that is now available also in English (Red Desert - Point of No Return), and about why I decided to become a writer, instead of continuing my career at a university as biologist. 
We also had a nice chat about space colonisation, Mars One Project, and other related topics. 
In the end he asked me to read an excerpt from the book.

The first part of this conversation is already online (see below). The second part will be published next week.

For additional information on the other topics of this episode or if you have problem to listen to the podcast from this player or if you want to download it, check out Mars Pirate Radio page by clicking here.

Enjoy your listening and, please, share the podcast with your friends!
Also check out Doug Turnbull's website and his own books set on Mars.

Red Desert - Point of No Return” is now available on Amazon, Kobo, iTunes, Barnes & Noble (also Nook UK), Google Play, and Smashwords starting from only $0.99.

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