The House of the Good Intentions: a Halloween read from Spain

Halloween is behind the corner and it’s time for paranormal reads. Spanish author Pablo Solares Acebal offers us his personal vision of a paranormal novel with “The House of the Good Intentions”.
It narrates about the unlucky marriage of Isolina, the richest woman in Spain, and Eusebio, who’s hiding a dark secret: he is the devil.
The story unravels among echoes of feminism, gay romance, luxury, and demoniac powers. Pablo Solares Acebal takes us into Rosalinda, a house many believe haunted, whose occupant are controlled by the evil soul of Eusebio, even after his death.

Published on 28 October 2014, “The House of the Good Intentions” is the second work by Pablo Solares Acebal. The first one was the novella “The 6th of November”, which is to become a film by the director Daniel Cabrero in 2016.
It is available on Amazon as Kindle edition. A paperback edition will be released soon.

Beside being an author, Pablo Solares Acebal is a literary translator and a publisher. His first book, “The 6th of November”, written during a two-year period soon after the loss of his mother, was picked up by Spanish publisher Albores when he was just 18. Published in Spain and across South America in 2012, the novella received immediate critical acclaim.
Despite working towards a degree in English Studies and Translation from the
University of Oviedo, he found time to pen an English language adaptation of his debut work, as well as this second book of his, “The House of Good Intentions”, by the age of 21.
He is now finished with his studies and is focusing on his publishing career.