Turning point for “Red Desert”

At the end of the second book, “People of Mars”, you could think to be come to the middle of the story. Actually the turning point of the series will be reached inside “Invisible Enemy”, which is longer than the first two books together and where the core of the story takes shape, providing the reader with almost all answers.

I had worked more than two months at the first draft between the middle of December 2012 and the middle February 2013, in Italian of course, and then the editing process had busied me until the middle of April. The original Italian edition was published on 28 April and it was really successful. I think this is the book preferred by most of my readers.
The result was a 74k-word novel (which became 78k in English). Writing this book had been a more intense experience than with “Point of No Return” and “People of Mars”, because a lot of things happen in “Invisible Enemy”.
Most part of the book is narrated again in first person and at present tense from the point of view of Anna. So you have the impression to follow what happens and what comes to her mind in real time. Believe me, that was really a challenge for me. Anna is a complicated character. She is moody, egotistic, insecure, a bit (?) crazy. She thinks about a million things and then by instinct she does something else she hadn’t thought earlier. She is a real anti-heroine, a flawed being and therefore a very human one, even if fairly taken to the extreme. Staying inside her head is a tiring experience, but it’s exciting too.

Invisible Enemy” starts more or less from where “People of Mars” ends. There’s actually a flashback at the opening of the book, which clarifies something that wasn’t shown earlier, but then we are back with Anna and her adventures.

There’s a lot of action in this book. Some scenes are very long (one reached 6400 words) with events follow one another seamlessly. You will even see Anna performing some almost heroic actions, even if not completely unselfish. And although you’ll see what happens directly from her eyes and words, you won’t be able to predict most of her actions. There are a couple of dialogues I’m particularly pride of, because they represent some important plot points or just because they are really amusing. Moreover you’ll have the chance to experience Mars, not only on its surface, but by air and from space.

However, there’s more than Anna in this book on Mars. Two more characters will be fundamental to the story. One is in the cover, though apparently she is only in a few scenes. The other is an old acquaintance, who already had an important role in “People of Mars” and who will give the best of himself in this book (guess who?).

And there’s even more than Mars. Part of the story takes place on Earth, though it is told with a limited close third person and at past tense (to symbolise the time delay in the communications between the two planets). This one is important too, and could potentially affect the characters on Mars.

I know, I’m saying a lot and nothing at the same time. I just don’t want to ruin your surprise.
Anyway the waiting is almost over. Red Desert - Invisible Enemy will be out on 2 February 2015, but you can already pre-order it now on Amazon, iTunes, and Google Play (more retailers will follow).

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