Aliens: Alien Harvest - Robert Sheckley

**** Nice close encounter with the most ruthless aliens of the big screen

I have a soft spot for tie-ins, I admit it. Find in a book again a setting already seen in a movie or a TV series has something reassuring and simplifies things when you have to imagine the universe in which the story takes place or its characters.
This tie-in of the saga of Alien is no exception. The story of “Alien Harvest” has nothing to do with of Ripley, it can be read easily by those who have never seen any of the movies, but a person like me who saw them (after all, who among lovers of science fiction have  not seen them at least once?) is immediately comfortable imagining the alien creatures which the protagonists encounter, the future narrated in the book, the spaceships, and the hive itself. The memory adds that something extra that makes you enjoy the story and gives the impression of watching a movie.
Beyond this, the well-built plot narrates about a very illegal expedition to recover royal jelly produced by the alien queen in a hive with the purpose of reselling it. The protagonist is actually a terminal patient and uses this substance to relieve the symptoms of his illness, often finding himself in altered states in which time seems to flow in independent ways. The story begins on Earth and continues in space up to the home planet of the alien creatures. Action, irony, twists characterise this novel that runs off fast with great amusement of the reader. Or at least I enjoyed it a lot, despite the ending is a bit sad but perfectly in line with the film series started by Ridley Scott.
All in all, it is still a reading that I recommend if you want to spend a few pleasant evenings hunted by the most ruthless aliens of the big screen.

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